"It takes all of the mystery out of how to grow the business and creates the road map for the year."

-President of Financial Services Firm

"It is interesting to see how the results you produce or don’t produce are only a function of the conversations you engaged in.  Once you can see them, you can create ones that shift the end results to a desired outcome."

-Senior Vice-President of Financial Institution


"... I have gone through many leadership trainings, however none as ‘Transformational’ as the Delphi Sphere executive program. The [program] helped me get a renewed sense of what is truly important, not only in business but also in my private life... The DS program helped me unleash my passion and energy in what I am doing which ultimately is the fuel for positive results."

-Country Managing Partner, Financial Services Firm

"You get the tools that makes a lasting difference in how I work and approach the people, the business issues and challenges."

-Chief Administrative Officer