Transforming Corporate Culture

Having your hands on the levers and dials of what is causing the level of results in the organization.  How to create a breakthrough in the organizational performance and business results.

The Culture of an organization is made up of the underlying conversations that are operating in the background. Most of them are not spoken openly.  The culture has a direct impact on the results and behaviors of the organization.  The results of an organization are far broader than simply the financial numbers.  It includes the communication amongst the staff, management style, conduct and behaviors amongst the staff and management, systems of accountability, the energy of the work environment and what it calls forth, the one on one relatedness of the people with management, the tone and resonance of the work environment, the level and means of communication in place and much more.

A shift in the culture of the organization creates a significant shift in the business results possible.  It will allow for having high performing teams of people driving the business objectives.


For even the most successful organizations, assessing and uncovering the underlying conversations and behaviors that are operating in the background allows an organization to re-invent itself for the future.

The Cultural Performance Analysis unearths behaviors and all of the background conversations operating and a clear articulation of the impact it is having on your people, the work environment, the business results and your customers.  The Analysis is only the beginning.  We will work with the leadership to design and develop short and long term solution to create Cultural Performance Shift.

Though many organizations have a vision statement, core principles and core values articulated, having them integrated and real for each person in the organization takes something more than talking about it.  It requires operational practices and a ways of working and living that is a demonstration of the core ideology.


Designing the operating culture of an organization puts the future of the business back in your hands.  The work environment becomes one of “active mutual support”.  An environment which pulls for coordinated action and team work.  The vision and core ideology of the organization are well articulated and living in the very fiber of the operations.  The staff has a new found experience of cooperation, camaraderie and teamwork.  The strategic directions and pathways are created and implemented.


  • An initial conversation is had with the leadership to identify the challenges and concerns that they needs to be addressed and shifted in the operations of the organization.
  • A questionnaire is designed, an environment of open and honest feedback is created for a new future.
  • Confidential interviews are conducted with enough people at each level of the operations to uncover the underlying concerns, events and challenges that they are facing.
  • A comprehensive report on the findings from the interviews and cultural performance issues are reviewed with the leadership.  The impact of the findings on the organization is made known.
  • The short and longer term solutions are outlined and the areas to shift and transform will be identified and a clear pathway to cause the transformation will be proposed.  The structures and practices to cause a lasting cultural change will be designed and implemented.