“Developing Your Gifts & Fulfilling
Your Impact in the World”

Developing Your Gift & Fulfilling Your Impact in the World conference is for people who have completed the Executive Program for at least one year. Having done the Executive Program you have developed your competence in the tools of "connect, listen, trust & act" to access the intuitive part of you for answers which reliably give you the right direction to pursue. This new program goes way beyond the scope of the Executive Program in that you develop your ability to “connect” in the moment/on demand for the answers to important business issues and challenges.  You will also develop a new relationship with how you lead the organization that assures accomplishing the corporate initiatives with great velocity.

Developing Your Gifts & Fulfilling Your Impact in the World is the next level of being able, as an executive, to access and trust the intuitive part of you to make faster and more accurate business decisions and focus the organization on the areas that will make the biggest difference.  As a leader in the organization, you are charged with forging new pathways, expanding the business, delivering new opportunities and nurturing the enterprise. In the current business climate, it takes more than a textbook approach, more than doing good due diligence or squeezing down expenses. It takes having an uncanny "awareness" of knowing the right direction to pursue, an ability to see what others cannot see.  Developing Your Gifts & Fulfilling Your Impact in the World causes this new shift in your leadership of the organization.  Leadership, in this new era, will require developing this third dimension to its highest level. 


  • A new depth in your ability to “connect, listen, trust & act” from your SELF that will make a tangible impact on the business results and your leadership direction.
  • You will discover the “blind spots” you have developed in your leadership since the Executive Program that are influencing and limiting your impact and business results.  Once discovered you will create new structures that assure ongoing “awareness.”
  • Unconceal “your hidden abilities” to alter the most difficult business challenges that result in a “win – win” for everyone.  All challenges and issues become an opportunity to Shift, Move, Elevate, Alter, Defuse the circumstances to create a new direction and desirable outcome.  As part of the conference, you will apply your new tools to a challenging business concern.
  • You will develop your power to be intentional in the most difficult of circumstances, stay true to the outcome and persevere to produce the business results without forcing outcomes.  Your leadership will move to the next level.
  • You will develop the structures to support using everything that has opened up and been developed.


The next “Developing Your Gifts & Fulfilling Your Impact in the World” is scheduled for
August 18, 19, 20, 2016 at the Hyatt Coconut Point in Bonita Springs, FL.  
The group size is limited to 6 participants.  The cost is $3,000.00 USD per person. 


If you need more information please contact
Paul@DelphiSphere.com or call 239-267-8175.