From Vision to Results

Your “Vision for the Future” and your core ideology is what provides for your success.  It gives you focus and direction that inspires all of those in the organization. 


When you think of “vision” do you think of?

Deeply held values that bond people in a society together

Audacious exhilarating goals that galvanize people

Something eternal – the underlying reasons for an organizations existence

Outstanding achievement


It has been proven that an organization that operates from a Vision and a Core Ideology are more successful in their field than those that don’t. Vision alone is not enough.  A business needs clear, well articulate objectives, defined strategies and a comprehensive laid out plan to get there. 

From Vision to Results is a two day Strategic Planning Program for business executives and entrepreneurs to create an empowering “Vision for the Future” for your business and a clear road map for accomplishing what you create for the next one to five years.

From Vision to Results is a powerful, no nonsense, on-the-court, working session designed to create the future that is so inspiring, compelling and enrolling it pulls you into action.  You will create objectives and plans, which are well thought out and take advantage of present and future opportunities.  You will design structures and management tools that will ensure your success.

This is NOT the traditional business strategy session of number crunching, figuring out what is possible, extrapolating results to envision the future, or putting together a story for what you are forecasting and justifying it.  This program is about each person being at the heart of what gave their results, so far.  And, discovering the self-imposed limitation that keep you from explosive results.  The program allows you to find your full self-expression in your work and go beyond what was thought as possible.



Structure & Methodology

  • Create / review the company’s vision for a future and the core ideology to assure people are operating consistent with it.  Design a strategic intent which articulates what the next year is about and will unfold.
  • Create your business objective for 1 to 5 years out; design the business and market strategies to assure success; design specific key bench marks in time that allows you to see your success unfolding; design a rolling 2 week actionable plan in time that has the actions you take -- account for all new developments in the business and make the biggest difference to your success.  
  • Design the structures to keep all of what you created alive and managed
  • Reveal the organization’s cultural paradigm that is operating in the business which is allowing for the current level of success / results.
  • Uncover the personal “blind spots” at work which limit what is possible and only allows the current level of results.

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners or Managers:

  • To take a small concentrated block of time to develop your business plan for the objectives and strategies needed to be successful. 
  • To be in a program with other successful business in a focused business conversation exchanging experiences and insights as you design the next 1 to 5 years of your business.

Organizational Impact

  • To have a specially designed “in house” program to address the specific challenges and opportunities in the business.  The program would complement and expand the existing objective / budget setting process that is in place.
  • To have your executive team in a creative business conversation “brain storming” the challenges and opportunities you are facing.
  • To leave the program with each person empowered to fulfill what was created, aligned with the objectives / goals, and in action.

From People who have done the Vision to Results:

“It takes all of the mystery out of how to grow the business and creates the road map for the year.”
          -President of Financial Services Firm

“It is interesting to see how the results you produce or don’t produce are only a function of the conversations you engaged in.  Once you can see them, you can create one’s that shift the end results to a desired outcome.”
          -Senior Vice-President of Financial Institution      

“Vision to Results” has opened up a whole new perspective, you could even say paradigm, through which we can now view our business in total. This new view is giving us a way to look at a much larger sustainable future for our enterprise, helping us design a clear path for getting there.”
          -President of a Multi-Media Company