Manager Training

"the keys to success"


Successful managers are not "born". They are developed.  
It is a discovery process of seeing and experiencing what does and doesn't work about your:

  • interactions with people
  • dealing with business situations and challenges
  • working structures to organization and management the multitude of actions in process
  • most importantly, the thinking process you use to make the most out of every opportunity and challenge.  

For the most part, your organizational skills are centered on you not around a team of people. Each person you manage is unique with their own strengths and weakness, ways of working and communicating, their own thinking process.

So, the challenge is how do you develop the skills to elicit the best from your people?

Such that, they experience being empowered, accomplished, a sense of contributing and being part of a team making a differences.


New and existing managers who are committed to developing all of the hard and soft skill set to be successful as a manager.  This is an investment for the future leadership of the organization.


Managing and empowering staff
Creating dash boards for success
Structures for managing time, projects, deliverables, staff promises
Effective communication skills to manage down, up and across
Effective Email protocol
Thinking strategically versus tactically
Difference between managing and being a doer - trust management
Discovering your "blind spots" in your communications and relating to others
Designing a "Vision for the Future" for you and your team.
Develop the structure to successfully manage a team
Design a project that creates a significant organizational impact, enroll your team in the project and is delivered by your team.


There is individual coaching, group work and exercises, inquiry and conversations.  The group is limited to maximum of 14 people.  The program is 12 weeks long.

  • The initial conference is 3 days to develop the fundamentals and foundation to manage and empower their team.
  • A weekly group call for an hour to support the development and integration for 6 weeks.
  • The second conference is 1 day in the seventh week.
  • A weekly group call for an hour to support the development and integration for 4 weeks


Manager Training creates the bridge and a smooth transition for the organization when there is a leadership change.  It allows the manager to “hit the road running.”

When done as an “in house” program, the program create a synergy, camaraderie and managers in coordinated action.  It fosters cooperative relationship and teamwork in the organization.