Paul Dominguez, Founder/CEO

Paul Dominguez, Founder/CEO


Paul Dominguez, the Founder and CEO of Delphi Sphere Consulting, is a highly experienced executive coach, management consultant and leadership trainer.  Paul brings over 20 years of C-suite corporate management experience to start-ups, entrepreneurial businesses, fast growing organizations and Fortune 100 companies. He creates, designs and delivers transformational programs that are unique and tailored to make a lasting impact on executives and their teams to be high performers.

A Chemical Engineer by training with a strong sales background, having trained and developed high performing teams at Procter & Gamble, Morgan Stanley, Massy Group , Worley Parsons, Ernst & Young Caribbean, SNC Lavalin and others. Along with a host of entrepreneurial companies like BrandTuitive, Fibred Maryland, Nelson Construction, SilverSearch and Visitivity Media to mention a few.  

Having spent over 8 years successfully running an industrial chemical cleaning products business before moving full time into his passion for consulting / coaching of entrepreneurs, high profile people, executives, his expertise has allowed their teams to go beyond the norm and excel in their business.  Most of the executives he has coached and developed stay in relationship with him for over 10 years and continue to be coached and consulted as the need arises.  

His programs have created a lasting impact for over 100,000 people globally to include Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurial business, high profile people and athletes.  He has trained low performing senior leadership teams that have difficulty collaborating and supporting one another into being a team of people in coordinated action producing extraordinary results.  

Core Business Competencies

Paul brings a keen listening for uncovering the issues and challenges operating in the background for an executive or his leadership team which is hindering performance. He brings a strong business background, an engineering mind and well developed management skill sets to make a lasting impact in these business areas:

  • Executives expanding their skills in leading and managing their team to be high performers.

  • Executives and managers uncover their “blind spots” that allows them to see and go beyond self-imposed limits they have with themselves and others which limits their performance and results.

  • Senior Leadership Teams which have difficulty collaborating and working together which is hindering and limiting the results possible shift to high performers.

  • Executives or managers causing a breakthrough in their management style, leadership skills, effectiveness in communications, strategic thinking and better time management skills.

  • Orchestrate and facilitate a meeting to assure all of the intended outcomes for the meeting are realized, a clear and precise plan of action of who is doing what, by when; a structure of communication that creates coordinated action and teamwork.