"I got the tools that make a lasting difference in how I work, how I approach the people, the business issues and challenges.  There isn’t a moment that goes by where I am not present to what my mind is saying versus what my Self has to say.  These tools are invaluable."

-Chief Administrative Officer-  Retail Food Chain

"The program gave me a clarity of “knowing” around all of the business decisions.  I had hidden concerns in being an executive that got stripped away giving me more power and confidence in my decision making.  I have peace in the face of difficult circumstances. The Executive Program will have a lot of unexpected benefits you won’t know until you’re in it."

-President,  Branding Agency

"The Executive Program is unexpected, unconventional, and very useful for my business and life. I learned simple techniques to connect to my inner wisdom – resulting in relaxation and release of disquiet in the face of challenging business situations.   I applied what I learned to help me move from anxiety to intention."

-Senior Vice-President, HR

"During my 20-plus years’ experience as a professional service provider, I have gone through many leadership trainings, however none as ‘Transformational’ as the Executive Program. The program helped me get a renewed sense of what is truly important, not only in business but also in my private life. This new awareness has opened a completely new dimension of life for me. This new awareness has made me more connected to what drives individuals and business results. The Executive Program helped me unleash my passion and energy in what I am doing which ultimately is the fuel for positive results."

-Country Managing Partner, Financial Services

"This is one program that stays with you.  I live it on a daily bases."

-Executive Vice President, Integrated Retail Business

"Once in a lifetime opportunity you cannot replicate or find anywhere else.  Very positive and pleasurable experience.  Great sense of self-confidence in what I do and decisions I make in business and in my life."

-Chief Strategic Officer, NYC Marketing & Branding Agency

The Executive Program

Shifting the way Leaders lead

Managing a business by the numbers is only part of the equation. Many times the numbers only tell you part of the story.  So many times, people come to a crossroads in their decision making process where they are only relying on their due diligence of a situation and their conclusion from their mind. 

We are in a new era of life where people are becoming more self-aware. People are more focused on accelerating their career to make the biggest difference they can. Many are discovering and becoming very interested in accessing their inner power, their “Intuitive Self” which we instinctively know is there but cannot access on demand. 

Businesses are challenged with how to cause extraordinary business growth and get the most from their people. And, the people are dealing with the dilemma of how to balance work, family, and everything they want to have for a fulfilling life.  Your leadership is a part of this new era and how you lead and manage your team is critical.


The Executive Program is for executives, their teams, and the future leadership of the organization who are committed to developing a “natural knowing” that will guide their decision making process to produce extraordinary business results.  The Executive Program trains and develops leaders to access this “intuitive” You.  When you have truly accessed the “intuitive” You, the answers you get never fail you.


  • You have mastery in listening and working from a dimension of you called your “Intuitive Self” which ensures you causing a breakthrough in your business results.

  • You have the overall effectiveness of your leadership move to the next level such that your team shifts to a higher performance with an experience of freedom and creativity to go beyond the predictable.

  • You have a simplistic way to organize and operate each day through “Connecting” to your “Intuitive Self” that will have you taking actions that make the biggest difference in accomplishing your business objectives.

  • You create in how you listen, an unquestionable relationship with your “Intuitive Self” leaving you with all of the power to have your mind provide the due diligence and your “Intuitive Self” to provide the direction and answers for any situation.

  • You create and fulfill a breakthrough project that redefines who you and your team are. The program brings language to counterproductive aspects of how your mind works that hinder your effectiveness and leadership. You uncover and transcend your mindful energies that are curtailing the effectiveness and creativity of your executive team.

  • You create a synergy and harmony with you and your executive team such that the future direction, purpose, and markets for the business naturally unfold. Relating to ALL of the business situations, events, and occurrences as “new” opportunities to unfold something unprecedented in the business. Thus, you experience living moment by moment in the joy of the work.


Organizations use The Executive Program as a way to shift the corporate culture of their executive team.  When each of the team members can access their “Intuitive Self” for the answers unique to your business, a collaboration and direction become crystal clear which moves the organization down unpredictable and intentional pathways that allow for unprecedented success.  When an executive team is operating from this new dimension, it creates alignment, collaboration, camaraderie, and a team of high performers.  An outcome of this way of operating is a galvanization of the vision and core ideology of the organization that naturally flows down through to the people.


The Executive Program opens up and creates a clear separation between your mind and the “Intuitive You” which we refer to as Self.  Each participant will develop an articulation of the mindful energies operating in the background that determines how and what they say, how they work, how they relate, how they think, what they do and don’t do, and what drives their need to speak.  At each conference a deeper and deeper cut of the mindful energies is taken and how they are being played out in their business and life.  This “awareness” allows each person more access to the “Intuitive You” / your “Self.”  Each person’s power to “Connect” to their “Self” expands significantly each time.  By the end of the 1st conference each person will have a clear experience of “Connecting” to their “Self” for the answers that are unique to them and their business.  By the end of The Executive Program, each participant will have direct access to their “Self” on demand and an unquestionable relationship with the power of the results possible when their “actions” are coming from “Connecting” to their “Self.”

The size of the group is limited to 5 participants based of the nature of the individual work that is done with each person. 
The small group dynamic creates a very powerful experience for each person.  The group and individual coaching calls are designed to integrate what opens up in the conferences into their business.  Each conference builds on the previous one. 
The program consists of four conferences throughout the year, a monthly group call, and individual coaching calls.






Conference One -  May 15, 16, 17

 Conference Two -  August 21, 22, 23

Conference Three - November 13, 14, 15

Conference Four -  February 5, 6, 7 (2020)


Conference One -  January 9, 10, 11

 Conference Two -  April 16, 17, 18

Conference Three - July 30, 31, August 1

Conference Four - October (to be determined)


For more information and costs please contact:
Paul Dominguez ·
Paul@delphisphere.com or click here