Tailored Executive Coaching

Paul Dominguez has over 25 years of experience in impacting an executive’s performance in the areas they are committed to significantly expanding their business capacities.  The Tailored Executive Coaching shifts their performance in all areas of their business creating unprecedented business results.


Paul designs and tailors the individual coaching to address the specific needs of the executive or manager.  The areas of expansion are identified and the structure to support the development is created.  The coaching he provides makes a powerful and lasting impact.  Most of his clients have stayed with him for over a decade.  They come back when the next challenge to go beyond where have gone arises. 

If you are out to be the “best” executive, athlete, manager, entrepreneur or person making an impact in the world, you want to have a coach.  Paul has the training and methodology to shift, alter and elevate any person’s performance in any area they are committed to being the best.