Tailored,  Uniquely Designed,  Lasting Impact


The Delphi Sphere is an international consulting firm with over 23 years of consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses across a wide range of industries including Chemical, Corporate Real Estate, Financial, Financial Services, Educational, Energy, Energy Service, Food, Governmental, Health Care, Legal, Non-Profit and Pharmaceutical. 

We specialize in two specific aspects of consulting.  First, Executive Coaching that is tailored, unique and designed for the individual to: 1) expand their capacities to lead, 2) uncover the "blind spots" they have in managing others and 3) reveal the self-imposed limits they have that affects the business results and their executive team.  The second area is, we train and develop Leadership Teams, High Profile People, Athletes and People who are committed to being high performers in their field, being the BEST at what they do. Our work with each person is tailored and makes a lasting impact on their performance.  Most of our clients have stayed with us for over a decade.  They use us when the next challenge to go beyond where have gone arises.

The Delphi Sphere is unique in its consulting work, in that, we specifically create and design our executive coaching and group programs to address the challenges, concerns and needs of the individuals and group.  We offer three distinct consulting dimensions.

Organizational structure – Group and Individual

  • The management systems and lines of communication to increase effectiveness and workability in an organization.

  • Time management – the structure, practices, management and flow of all of the accountabilities and responsibilities at the level of individuals and groups.

  • The research and re-design of bottleneck areas in an operation that slows down the velocity or efficiency needed for effective action and fulfilling the corporate objectives.

Some of our Clients:  Worley Parsons, Morgan Stanley, Fibred, McKinsey & Co., Massy Group Ltd, United Way

Transformational - Group and Individual

Open up previously unperceived ways of thinking, listening, speaking and acting that impacts an individual’s performance and results.  Then transform these behaviors and habits through creating new ways of being, communicating and operating (for example, we come to a meeting or a conversation with an “Already Knowing”, a preconceived view of people, situations and the subject that limits our effectiveness and ability to be open).

Any organization is limited to the results it can produce through the cultural paradigm it operates within.   Breakthrough results can happen at the level of individual or organizational by causing a transformation in any or all of these areas: communication, leadership, strategic thinking, management / empowerment of others, customer service and team building.

All programs in each of these areas are custom designed to meet the group or individual challenges or concerns.

Some of Our Clients:  Shell, SNC Lavalin, Ernst & Young Caribbean, Secretary of Education - Puerto Rico, British Petroleum, British Gas, Guardian Holdings, Massy Group, Morgan Stanley, NYSE Euronext, Jones Lang LaSalle, Grubb & Ellis, Novartis Pharmaceutical, Industrial Gas Ltd, Pia Capital Management, Cerami & Associates, McDonalds, SilverSearch

Human Being Energies – Small Groups of Executives (5)  

This is a brand new field of consulting developed by the Delphi Sphere Consulting Group for Senior Executives.  It’s a one year Executive Program done with a group of 5 executives at a time.  It is about developing a dimension of you which we all have called the “intuitive you.”  When you trust the “intuitive” part of you, distinct from your mind, it always works out.  Reliably tapping into the “intuitive you” would add a new trusted tool in making business and personal decisions that has proven to be invaluable. We refer to this dimension of you as your “Self.”  Imagine having all of the power of your “Self” while having your mind in complete service in the running and managing of the business objectives.  Positive and unpredictable business results occurs for each executive.

Some of Our Clients:  Massy Group Ltd, Barbados Shipping & Trading, Ernst & Young Caribbean, Fibred, Tissue Bank International, Worley Parsons, Ron Karr & Associates, Grubb & Ellis, Cerami & Associates, Fibred, BG, Blue Waters, ID Communications